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2007.6.25 - 7.21

2007 -No Time to Fuss Over Hair Suzuki Risaku 2006

The ideas of the 15th century, in the days of Bosch.
Japanese customs, diminishing and abandoned.
The truth, deformity and heresy.
Focusing on the opposition, we question the absence of true counterculture since the bubble era.
Naruyama Gallery celebrates its 10th anniversary.
As a summation of the brief history of Gallery Naruyama, we present the Gallery Naruyama Parade.
Works from the collection, including Molinier, Arbus and Beaton, plus new work by Matsui, Tsuchiya, Kamei and Nomura will be on display.


Wilhem von Gloeden
Cecil Beaton
Sakiko Nomura
Go Mishima
Disease, Malformation and Plastic Surgery -The Case in 1890, Japan
Diane Arbus
Charles Eisenmann
Pierre Molinier
Sadao Hasegawa
Dimitri Horta
Keiichi Tanaami
Fuyuko Matsui
Yoshimasa Tsuchiya
Toru Kamei