October 20 (Fri) - November 11 (Sat) 2006

Serpentine Swamp 2006 Oil on linen mounted on board 91 x 72.7cm

Kamei is an introvert, resting himself on a bed of distorted yearnings and symbolist aesthetics.
Fascinated with Japanese oil paintings from the Meiji-period, his aims are to create distinctive and unprecedented work. Far from the painting vogue, he expresses his obsession of spiritual superiority through the mysticism of folk and Japanese religion, thus unfolding his distinctive atmosphere which seclude him from the Japanese mainstream of superficial graffiti.

His work defines themes on the edge of vulgarity, bewitching the eye and musing the mind. With tranquil essence influenced by the Vanitas, a style popular in Europe during the late 16th century, we hope you will experince his world of life without movement.

K.M.H as the Bodhisattva 2006 Oil on canvas mounted on board 53 x 33.3cm

Gardenia 2006 Oil on canvas mounted on board 52.9 x 45.5cm 

Tangled 2006 Oil on canvas mounted on board 54.5 x 29cm