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2020/1/18 - 2/15

©Makoto Orui

 Makoto Orui is an art director, who published “SALE2” from Fiction Inc in 1984, and in 1990 opened “THE deep”; a Gallery & Club at Nogizaka, Tokyo. He currently resides in Paris. This unique exhibition combines selected erotic artworks exhibited at THE deep, and a selection from his personal collection. This marks our second collaboration with THE deep, the previous being the In the past Gallery Naruyama has collaborated with THE deep for “FREAKS” exhibition. We are pleased to have an occasion to collaborate with Makoto Orui once again in 2020.

 THE deep has queationed“SOUND and VISION" and DEEPER THAN UNDERGROUND. Orui has introduced the aesthetic eroticism include John Willie who was a founder of BONDAGE. THE deep has organized a party every Friday night with DJ EMMA playing house music. In 1994 The deep moved to Shibuya, Nanpeidai. It has featured not only various exhibitions but also showing cult films, distributed Russ Meyer’s films, French magazine “purple” and “self service” In 2001 THE deep has ceased the activity due to a given notice to move out to build a new building.

 THE deep Tokyo has presented shows of John Willie, Gille Berquet, Gerard Malange, Bruce of Los Angels, Richard Kern, Annie Sprinkle, Russ Meyer, Hiromix, Destroy All Monsters, Honma Takashi, Ari Marcopoulos, Pierre Molinier, Betty Page, Irina Ionesco, Emanuel Maffini, French Pin-Up e.t.c.

 In 1998, Orui has opened THE deep Paris in 18th arrondissement of Paris. Presented “TOKYO COLORS” by Daido Moriyama in 1999, “ "STYLE SHOW FOR THE LEVITATION OF THE STORNG AMERICAN WOMEN" by Rita Ackerman in 2001, SUSAN CIANCIOLO RECENT COLLECTIONS in 2002, COSMIC WONDER / THE deep / here and there / PURPLE JOURNAL PARTY in 2006 and FILM SCREENING OF 60'S A. WARHOL+G. MALANGA INCL. NICO+VELVET UNDERGROUND in 2009. In 2006 Orui moved to Paris.

 This exhibition features selected items such as unique images by Gille Berquet, Gerard Malange, Henri Maccheroni, Claude Alexandre, John Willie, Bruce of Los Angels, Pierre Molinier, drawings by Bill Ward, Naiagara and a hand made costume by Rita Ackerman.

 On sale a unique edition book the theme is Eros exclusively directed and made for this exhibition by Makoto Orui.