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©️Sadao Hasegawa

Sadao Hasegawa

1950s Born in the Tokai area of Japan in the 1950's. Travels to India during his 20's. Starts to take up drawing on his own.

1973 Exhibition "Sadao Hasegawa's Alchemism-Meditation for 1973" in Tokyo, Japan. Presents oil paintings, collages, drawings and sculptures.

1990 Publishes SADAO HASEGAWA from G.M.P Co. England. Refuses numerous offers to exhibit overseas, not wanting his work to be distributed abroad. Starts traveling around Indonesia and Thailand.

1996 Paradise Vision published from Kochi Studio.

1999 Passes away in Bangkok, Thailand.

2000 Exhibition "LINGA" at Gallery Naruyama, due to the request of the family of Sadao, whom found a will written by Sadao before his death.

Past Exhibitions at Gallery Naruyama

[2014] Sadao Hasegawa 1978-1983
[2008] LINGA

©️Sadao Hasegawa

©️Sadao Hasegawa