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Issei Suda  SOLO

2015 6/27 - 7/18

 Gallery Naruyama is pleased to present an exhibition of Issey Suda titled “SOLO” featuring images of Chiyoda, Tokyo where he was born and Chiba where he lives now.

" Man is said to be alone, but cannot live alone. Both are probably right, and both are wrong.
I think, thus I am. (Descartes)

I am the only absolute. In a uncertain world, like two mirrors held against each other, only “I” am the reason of existence. Even when I am thrilled with a sensation or excited about a self-satisfing miracle, I have no choice but to remain silent in the impatience that I cannot share the excitement with others. The supreme bliss is a possession of an absolute unit. "

- Issei Suda