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Wilhelm von Pluschow

2002.11.18 - 12.7

Around 120 years ago as a manager of a photo gallery, Wilhelm von Plüschow made frequent visits to Wilhelm von Gloeden in Sicily, teaching him the skill and methods of photography. He eventually presents him with a camera, in which Gloeden started on his oeuvre of Ancient Greek culture.

Whereas Gloeden portrayed his passion towards male sexuality in Greece in a classical manner, winning praise from the likes of Oscar Wilde, Edward VII and Anatole France, Plüschow made his approach towards his subject in a broader sense; he made portraits of young boys and girls during their adolescence in general. This may have been the reason as to why he was almost forgotten until the late 1970s, when Mapplethorpe began to gain notice for his beautiful photographs.

Influencing such modern day photographers as Tillmans, Mapplethorpe, Sarah Moon and Scavullo, the “Ecole de Gloeden” (Gloeden, Plüschow and Galdi) is considered as one of the greatest nude photographers during the end of the century. Within them Plüschow, with his skill of photography, was the center figure.