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Fuyuko Matsui  DRAWINGS

2009.12.4 - 12.26

By shifting our attention to the drawings of Matsui Fuyuko, we get a better understanding of her transparent originality ever-present within her skillful maneuver of realism. For example, for the work Narcissus, Matsui went through extensive research of deformed flowers and their structure. The “berserk” daffodil achieved in the work, was created by synthesizing the structural form of the deformed with ordinary daffodils. Gallery Naruyama is proud to present the Drawings by Matsui Fuyuko.

For an artist, the sketch is the first step of access to the world. As the starting point of all paintings, it records form, texture, color and all associated senses in one’s memory.

Drawings can be classified into two categories – those that depict reality and those that are freely perceived by individual senses.

In the case of the former, the drawing is most often executed under strict rules and traditional methods. Disciplined skills and techniques achieve undeniable results – as seen in the works of Maruyama Okyo, Kawanabe Kyosai and Kawai Gyokudo, who, through extensive training captured the essence of elements such as water and smoke using only lines.

The latter escapes such regulations, depending on their own perceptions. Drawings by such artists as photographer Pierre Molinier and sculptor Auguste Rodin show raw texture and sexuality, a different quality than that of most painters. Juliao Sarmento reduces the image back to its origin, thus succeeding in rousing primitive emotions. Dinos & Jake Chapman intentionally falls back on the primitive - their drawings bridging the gap between the unconscious and conscious.

It is not rare to find drawings more appealing than completed paintings.

As drawings are the first step of access to the world for artists, it is, by all means, fresh. We find the same raw quality of reality we can find in a discarded piece of tissue paper in a corner of a small apartment room. The motifs, techniques and concepts allow the viewer a possibility to synchronize with the personal space of the artist.

- Matsui Fuyuko